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Our marketing, listing and advertising services guarantee immediate exposure for your article, business, product/service, ICO, digital cryptocurrency market exchange, wallet, Press Release on Exaking platform and social media platforms. We cannot guarantee that the results from our services will lead to likes, comments, sales, conversions, sign ups, contributions to your business, product/services, or article. Even Facebook and Google avoid 100% warranty figures!
The success of an article, business, coin/asset, product/service, or a campaign depends on many other human and non-human factors we have little control over. By placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Use and you understand that your order is final and non refundable.
‚ÄčThe only exception to this is if we fail to render the appropriate service associated with the package you have ordered. If work is not done as specified i.e. (no Listing is distributed, Facebook/Twitter posts/shares are made, etc.), a refund will be offered.

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