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A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts


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We are making the $500 Billion cryptocurrency market accessible for everyone.

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Exaking Cryptocurrency

Token Details

Name: Exaking
Symbol: EXA
Decimals: 8
Token Address:
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ERC-20 Token

20% bonus starts in:


Token Price

1 ETH = 15,000 EXA
1 EXA = 0.033 USD

Maximum Tokens

Max. Token Supply: 980,000,000
Max. Crowdsale Token Supply: 686,000,000 (70%)


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Trade EXA tokens with other cryptocurrencies on Exaking platform.

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Sponsored Posts, ICO Publications and Crypto Ads can be charged by Exaking tokens.

About EXA Token

Exaking token is a reliable and anonymous cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. Exaking tokens are primarily used as a payment method by advertisers on the Exaking platform to keep it free for traders and other users, making it a tradable asset with a useful background.

Token Details

EXA tokens are based on the Ethereum protocol. This protocol makes it easy to integrate EXA tokens into cryptomarkets and transfer EXA tokens between wallets.

Smart Contract & Usability Of EXA Tokens

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.
We are using smart contracts for our advertising payment system, guaranteeing flawless, smooth, fast transactions without a centralized institution as a middleman and guaranteeing liquidity of advertisers and keeping it totally transparent for further research.
The delivery of our Exaking tokens (EXA) from the smart contract will happen immediately after the Ethereum (ETH) is received. The Exaking (EXA) tokens will be traded and exchangeable once the token sale has ended. Our Exaking (EXA) tokens will immediately be tradable on Exaking platform.
Exaking tokens are fully tradable on our platform and are also used as a payment method by advertisers.
Exaking Tokens are mainly used by advertisers on our platform to publish their content. This will guarantee a constant demand of EXA tokens.Advertisers (ICO-companies, blockchain projects etc.) are the way we are funding our platform as we are totally free for normal traders and other crypto-enthusiasts. Recent cryptocurrency advertisement bans from Facebook have opened up new advertising opportunities. We take advantage of banned posts and ICO-companies from social networks.

Token Distribution

  • 1. Invest. 686000000
  • 2. Reserve 196000000
  • 3. Team 49000000
  • 4. Bounty 49000000
1. 70% of EXA will be issued to investors.
2. 20% of tokens will go into Long-Term Reserve ensuring the stability of its price and the availability of tokens for advertisers.
3. 5% will go to advisors, team members, founders and partners.
4. 5% will go to bounty program, referrals and free token offers.

Use Of Collected Funds

  • 60% - Data Center Expansion 60
  • 20% - Marketing, PR 20
  • 15% - Infrastructure 15
  • 4% - Development 4
  • 1% - Legal 1


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Article About Exaking

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Problems Of Buying & Selling Cryptos

Major Problems Of Conventional Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies leads to a lot of confusion, 40% of people are already giving up on the registration process before even having the chance to purchase cryptocurrencies. It does not get better once they are signed up on a crypto exchange.

2.5 Billion Unbanked People Are Missing Out

There are currently over 2.5 Billion unbanked people worldwide. Unfortunately they are excluded from buying and selling cryptos.

No Anonymity

Registrations on crypto exchanges lead to various verifications, investors need to communicate their most sensitive data.

Too Complicated Getting Started

Getting started can be very frustrating.

Slow Registrations

On popular exchanges, users need to wait up to 3 weeks to get started with trading.

Bad Trading Experiences

Crypto exchanges do not yet offer all coins and tokens on the market and you need to switch from one to another to get your prefered coin.

Risk Of Losing Funds

Most exchanges offer an online wallet. These are very affected on getting hacked and you can easily lose all your coins.

That's Why We Created Exaking

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What Is Exaking?

Exaking Is A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts.
We act as a free, fast intermediary between traders and bring them together. Our social trading platform gives you endless possibilities and connects all kinds of investors from novice to advanced. It enables anyone independently of the device (desktop, smartphone...) to exchange all pairs of cryptocurrencies or buy and sell cryptocurrencies using cash. (Exchange crypto with crypto, cash with crypto, Paypal money with crypto, it's all up to the traders.) Exaking makes it possible to create buy and sell offers or find buy and sell offers, nearby or worldwide. Users have the opportunity to directly meet with people in a radius nearby or constitute their own Terms And Conditions and share them with other people over our smart Messaging System.

Exaking's Solutions And Services

Exchange Crypto with Crypto

Exaking makes it possible to exchange any cryptocurrency with any other cryptocurrency. For example Dogecoin with Bitcoin, or Reddcoin with Verge and so many more. There are endless possibilities.

Analyse The Market

Take a look at historical data and derive future profits from it. Dive into the numbers and become a real chart analyst.

Buy & Sell With Cash

Buy & sell your preferred Coin/Token with cash. No credit card or debit card required for trading. Making it accessible for 2.5 billion unbanked people worldwide.

Trade On Any Device

Our platform is available for any device. From laptops to PCs to smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS compatible.


Two traders can message each other once they are connected. They can make up plans to exchange coins over the internet or to meet each other if both sides agree.

Join The Community

Exaking is the place where investors, blockchain lovers, crypto-enthusiasts and any other kind of people meet.

Learn On The Fly

Learn from other investors and users. Read posts and be up to date on the blockchain technology and crypto.

Follow Users

Follow other users and always get their latest posts. Animate others to follow you and create new connections.

Free Forever!

We are totally free to use and have no hidden fees. It will be free forever!

100% Safe Funds

Exaking is not keeping your coins/tokens, that's why you can simply keep your cryptocurrencies in your own offline-wallet. You keep the private keys in your pocket, in a locker at home or wherever you want. This possibility makes it 100% secure and you have total power over your funds.

No Waiting, Instant Trading

You can create an account within seconds and trade immediately after creation. Time is money and we won't steal that from you!

Anonymous Trading

Trade without exposing sensitive data. No verification needed. You can choose an independent username and profile pictures are fixed avatars. 100% anonymity guaranteed. We respect your data.

Language Translation

We make it possible to read everyones' posts. Our translating system translates every language into yours. So you can send messages to everyone from all parts of the world.


Keep track of the values of your coins. Know exactly how much profit you made.

Trade & Meet With People Nearby

It is possible to configurate the buy or sell offers that only users in a predefined vicinity will be reached. Or find your prefered crypto in your neighborhood. After that you can simply meet with coinholders and safely trade.

Rate Users After Trading

After a successful trade both parties can rate each other and ensure that other users can rely on that data for future trades.

Trade Over 1,000 Top Coins

We have over 1,000 coins and tokens on our platform. The choice is big!

Write Posts And Gain Followers

Write posts about tokens, coins or the blockchain technology and share them with a huge community. Gain new followers with your posts and keep your followers up to date.

Enabling Anyone To Trade Cryptos

We are enabling anyone on earth to access the cryptomarket.

Maximize Profits

Maximize your profits by not paying fees, by not giving away your fork coins and by reducing transactions.

Exaking App

(Click Iphone X)

Coin IphoneX

Our App is available to download from the App Store and Play Store. Our Browser Plattform will also be available soon.

We wanted to create a platform that even a child could use and understand. Our interface is simple yet comprehensive with a lot of special features. See below a few screenshots from our app in action. We focus on user experience and are trying to keep user satisfaction high.


Keep track of your profits with your personal portfolio.


Send messages to other traders and negotiate about meeting up and the payment method.


Take a look at historical data and analyse the graphs.


Don't miss anything with our notification system.


Check out over 1,500 coins, see important numbers and aggregated data.


Find your preferred coins to buy, nearby or worldwide.

Your Opportunity

Did you miss the opportunity to invest into multi billion dollar companies like Alibaba, Facebook & co.? Here’s your chance to invest into the next one, Exaking, a social trading platform disrupting the $500 Billion cryptocurrency market. Be part of our success and join us from the very beginning.
Our Peer-to-Peer business model is similar to Airbnb, Alibaba, Facebook and Uber.


The most valuable retailer, has no inventory.


The largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.


The world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.


The world's most popular media owner, creates no content.

"I read their Whitepaper and was immediately bound by their expertise and their solutions."
-Jana E. | App Tester

Free Token Registration

Bounty Program Registration


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Referral/Bounty Program

Our Bounty Tasks are announced in our Telegram Group every day. Please go to and read what you need to do to earn up to 150 tokens.


Wait For New Challenges On Telegram

Join our referral program and earn EXA tokens for FREE. Share your unique link, refer friends and get 1 token for every referred person who registers. Every referred user will also get 1 EXA token for free. The more users you refer, the more EXA tokens you get.


Share your unique link and refer users


Earn 1 EXA token for every new registration.


The more users referred, the more earned.

At the end of the ICO we will be giving away extra tokens to the bounty program user with the most referrals and to 2 random bounty program users with more than 10 referrals.

Join Referral Program

Referral System

Referrals Tokens/Referral
1-10 1 EXA/user
11-100 2 EXA/user
101-1,000 4 EXA/user
1,001 and more 8 EXA/user

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FREE Tokens

Simply Register On And Join Our Telegram Group, You Will Get 5 EXA Tokens For Free.


Log Into Your Exaking Account.


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You Will Get 5 Free EXA Tokens In Your Account.


How to participate in the Pre-Tokensale?

It is very easy to buy Pre-ICO tokens. You simply need to register on, then open your account and find the 'Participate in Pre-ICO' section where you can directly buy Pre-ICO tokens. You can read a tutorial here:

How to participate in the ICO (Main Tokensale)?

You need to have a MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or any other ERC-20 token compatible wallet. From there you need to send ETH to our Crowdsale Address with a MethodID: 0xa6f2ae3a and Gas Limit: 300,000. GWEI: 60. You can read a tutorial here:

I do not have an ETHEREUM Wallet, how can I participate in the ICO?

We wrote an easy tutorial on how to create an Ethereum Wallet on MyEtherWallet, simply follow the steps on:

Why an ICO?

ICO is the new way for projects and companies to collect money. We are organizing an ICO to raise funds without a bigger third party (like a VC) being involved. This ICO gives us the possibility to develop new technologies, maintain our services, extend our presence and reaching a broader public with marketing campaigns. We are giving every investor the chance to be part of our success and make profits of our idea.

What is Pre-ICO and ICO? (Pre-Tokensale and Main Tokensale)

Pre-ICO opens before ICO. Investors have the chance to purchase tokens at discount price and start supporting the project from the very beginning.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a mechanism of fundraising, where cryptocurrency is sold to investors (contributors). An ICO boosts the popularity and liquidity of a project and enables marketing, development and more. All investors in an ICO can be part of the success of the project and pull out huge profits.

Do you have a Bounty program?

Yes. Your unique referral link can be copied and used on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Any registrations from that link will give you extra tokens.

When and where can I trade EXA tokens?

Exaking tokens are tradable on Exaking platform and can be used to do advertising on the Exaking platform. It is also possible to trade on Etherdelta after ICO.

Where can I store EXA tokens?

You can use any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Ethereum Wallet or Mist. We recommend using MetaMask!

When will the tokens be airdropped to registered users?

If you have registered an account on and received free tokens for signing up, after the token sale has concluded any received or earned tokens (more than 150 earned) will be sent via an “airdrop” to the supplied Ethereum address on your account. Less than 150 tokens will not be sent.

Can I send my ETH directly from an exchange to EXA Crowdsale Contract Address?

No! Please do not send ETH from an exchange to the EXA Crowdsale Contract Address. (The transaction could fail and nobody can retrieve your ETH)

Is the Exaking app or browser platform already available?

Exaking App has not yet officially launched but is in advanced beta testing. Our Android and iOS app will be available to download in the second week of the ICO.

Are you looking for partnership?

Yes definitely! Drop us a message for partnership. You can reach out to us on facebook.

Who are the main heads of the project?

Our project has been developed by international students from renowned universities in the fields of computer science, marketing, economy and law. Exaking takes care of everyone's privacy, our main aim is to keep everyone's data private and anonymous. That's why you will not see our smart minds on our platform. (Nobody knows the inventors of Bitcoin, yet it is the most valuable and popular Cryptocurrency.) However everyone involved in our platform is treated with great respect for their contribution.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can message us on Facebook Messenger. Or join our Telegram Group.

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